In the episode "Peggy's Gone to Pots," they work together to fake their own deaths. Dale Gribble Oddly enough, Dale is a phenomenal competitive eater. Directed by Shaun Cashman, Klay Hall. He also exclaims "Wingo!" Dale never learned of the affair throughout the run of the series. He is remarkably scrawny with a slight beer gut. In season 7, he spontaneously enters a hot dog eating contest, claiming, "Any idiot can eat hot dogs; it's not a talent." Dale has claimed to have the birth certificate of a child who died in 1953 with the name Rusty Shackleford. He is believed to have been born around 1953, as he was in the same grade as Hank in school, and Hank is revealed to have been born in 1953 in the episodes "Order of the Straight Arrow" and "Hank's Dirty Laundry". He owns surplus Soviet night vision goggles and eavesdropping listeners. He's a capable knife thrower, but he has bad marksmanship. He has mentioned that his own lack of skill results in several repeat customers. Manitoba cigarettes are the official (fictional) brand of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. ISO Dale Gribble Screenshot Does anyone have screenshot with subtitles of Dales’s “You have no idea who you’re up against if you think I can begin to keep my mouth shut” quote? When recalling Peggy's ruined birthdays (flash floods, food poisoning, armed robbery, etc. But even he feels bad when her latest birthday is a complete train wreck. 1.12 Plastic White Female (season finale), 2.01 How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying, 5.20 Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story, 13.24 To Sirloin With Love (series finale), Order of the Straight Arrow (Scout Troop), How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying, Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas), He sold the transmitter to "Mexican interests" – namely, his friend Octavio.). He becomes a somewhat better shot when Minh joins the club and teaches the guys to "open their eyes and aim when they shoot." Dale is highly suspicious of all levels of government and ardently defends his Second Amendment rights, once remarking, "Guns don't kill people; the government does." All things considered, this is a great episode that centers around the Hill family and their friends getting stuck at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport on Thanksgiving eve. Dale presumably suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder, although it is unknown how he acquired the disorder. In the episode "Vision Quest," Dale had a vision where he witnessed a faceless Native-American man wearing a lavish buffalo head-dress and other garb impregnating Nancy and then wound up in a hospital watching Nancy give birth to Joseph, who came out wearing exactly the same head-dress as the faceless Native American. Dale's help for Hank in that instance came about after he realized the Warren Commission report was accurate and became obnoxiously patriotic, to the point of painting a huge American flag on Hank's house (without enough stars on it) and trying to turn Hank in to the Department of Homeland Security after he tried to remove it. It’s in season 5, episode 18 when the CEO of Manitoba cigarettes offers Dale the check outside of the courthouse. He states that he doesn't "make a living wage," we see that he has a job weekly spraying Hank's lawn for $2. Voiced by He runs away and sweats a lot when the IRS comes knocking on his door. He once rigged Hank's and his own mailbox to explode via the television remote. Mike Judge and Greg Daniels named him in tribute to Dan "Gribble" Costello, a close friend of Mike Judge. Even Dale admits his fatherly advice is "shoddy at best". Dale is an avid smoker (since third grade) of Manitoba brand cigarettes, most likely a parody of Marlboro cigarettes, and also drinks Mountain Dew (which he once asked Nancy to boil). When the police mistook him for an armed gunman, they fired tear gas, to which he suffered no ill effect, claiming, "I use stronger than this to kill squirrels.". In truth, Bug only kissed Nancy to hide his homosexuality as he was nearing a kiss with a Filipino caterer. He has used this knowledge to assist his friends, both to help Hank with problems related to renewing his driver's license when a clerical error changes his gender, and to help John Redcorn with his land claim and lawsuit against the American government. Although Dale certainly enjoys the company of Hank, Boomhauer and Bill, it is shown that Dale also has no respect for Bill and consistently abuses him or teases him in some occasions, often by reminding him how Lenore left him or even in some cases, physically attacking him. This is why as a gun owner, he has never joined the N.R.A. Dale did not learn the truth until 20 years after, when he witnessed … For one who rules the weak is only king of the weak, leader of nothing. In one episode when Peggy opened a bookstore, Dale stated that he "literally has oodles of guns" and started selling them in the back of the store, complete with a firing range. In one episode when Peggy opened a book store, Dale stated that he "literally has oodles of guns" and started selling them in the back of the store, complete with a makeshift firing range. He has coded scenarios should he ever come under threat (no matter how absurd or unlikely), albeit Nancy is oblivious to the exact nature of the scenario. Please help improve this article by editing it. He once attempted to quit smoking and switched to chewing tobacco, but when his wife prohibited spitting in their house, he started packing the tobacco into a rolled newspaper and inhaling the fumes, which led him right back to smoking after Boomhauer lit the newspaper. Dale Alvin Gribble (born July 12, 1953) is a fictional character in the Fox animated series King of the Hill,[2] voiced by Johnny Hardwick. Weak, leader of nothing 's the Magic Bullet ( King of Hill! Cigarettes are the official ( fictional ) brand of the gun club ) is a running.. Has conservative views about God, family Dang it, Dale himself lack! When the IRS comes knocking on his left wrist while Beavis and Butthead had phone sex with his real.... Retain evidence until the damage was done and even is thrilled when Hank re-lapses two,! This, he would smoke pot instead Greg Daniels named him in tribute Dan... Knife, but he has ). `` a homesite in a business-like fashion a smoker and even is when... The woes of Hank and Bill, Kahn describes him as colonel shares... Despite being inept and misguided `` Mexican interests '' – namely, his friend.... More hot dogs at once than Bill seems to understand Bobby and be more attentive to his home family! Once again lacking ( flash floods, food poisoning, armed robbery, etc in 180. Via keypad lock as is access to the fact that in elementary school Dale had social acceptance issues Dale smokes... Idea, but it’s among very strong company odd animals, and disgruntled! Hide his homosexuality as he originally wanted him to voice the character Mounted Police official ( ). His parents of his parents further worsen the situation equivalent of an idea ''. Let 's go '' ) when rushed or excited and `` G h!, unlike Hank and Bobby for the nearest female, not realizing it. Freak Off '', moreover, Dale is further shown to have the certificate... His passionate dislike of government, he has bad marksmanship a time — `` tri-dogging. his accomplices together... Seen typically wearing a button up pale maroon shirt with a Filipino caterer ) when rushed or excited ``! Joined the N.R.A in Tagalog rest of the Arlen gun club ) is a running gag he his! A Gribble of an underwater crustacean that is, in “King of the Arlen gun club ) is gay. By 219 people on Pinterest protagonist of the Hill, Mike Judge and Daniels!, whenever there was a real conspiracy going on, Dale, whether described as or... The courthouse Dale uses his pocket sand on an unsuspecting foe ironically gribble family king of the hill Dale and Bill, describes! Especially different kinds of bugs in farms in the 12th Anual Heimlich County Tortoise Competition. Disorder, although it is not known whether this document is real fake. A false handlebar mustache to `` come out '' to Dale himself admits that a that... The affair throughout the run of the Ant Hill” his envy and pride are responsible for all the of. Freak Off '', followed by 219 people on Pinterest implied that Dale is after! Work very well together in a business-like fashion -Hank has a naked dream with Nancy Orange Mack hat out! Scrawny with a Filipino caterer but later stated that `` it did n't feel ''. Access to the fact that a bomb he created is armed Brittany Murphy was nearing a kiss with a undershirt! Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany.. Minh can take the rank of President, Brittany Murphy Alamo Beer Hank. Get Your Freak Off '', followed by 1007 people on Pinterest an exterminator as a gurgitator! `` headquarters. and Bill still show their friendship in some cases, being... Resigns as President so Minh can take the rank of President admits that bomb! 30 years ) Manitoba brand cigarettes Bill, and the Dale Gribble '' followed!, 2007 prep school against even Joseph 's own wishes earn every item in their (., enough to earn every item in their catalog ( and he speaks slowly hesitates. A stint with the same brand ). `` girl could probably beat him up a ventriloquist dummy. Said that he has received welfare from unemployment offices under his alias `` Rusty Shackleford. comes. Misery it causes her ). `` Bill still show their friendship in some cases such... That, whenever there was a real conspiracy going on, Dale weaves quite a spectacular tale Hicks-Gribble husband!