Good question. And if so, just equal amounts of butter? Thank you for coming back to leave your feedback. Set pans aside. I think the higher fat content of the milk works better with baking recipes. Everyone needs constructive criticism in order to KNOW how to try to make things better. I am baking a cake as we speak and the fragrance of this delicious treat is amazing! but it makes perfect flat,even layers for layered cakes .....and taste AMAZING! Remove excess flour. Want to make a red, white & blue cake for this weekend. Thank you for sharing! I've got a trick for making a chocolate GF moist, afraid to try with white. Thank you! The cake was devoured by my family as we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. That's so good to hear. Thanks for doing the math on sour cream and other ingredients. I see you suggest sour cream and milk with more fast, such as vegetable oil. I was thinking of just mixing the red velvet with white cake mix to see if that would make it pink. Taking it out of the oven, it looked so beautiful. This helps keep the edges cool as the cake bakes so the edges retain their bold red color while the center cooks. Devil's food chocolate cake mixes are very dark, so you might be able to achieve a slight maroon tint at best. I stuck a toothpick in and it came out clean. I had the same problem of the cake falling after removing from the oven. I tried this recipe for the memorial holiday. So, I would not do a strawberry cake mix + chocolate pudding. I live in Denver, Colorado (5,280 ft.) I've heard you should add more flour?? Thank you. Preparation Time 20 mins; Serves 8; Difficulty Medium; Ingredients. In this video, I give you my delicious red velvet cake recipe. We're new to this GF baking - three grandbabies GF intolerant. Sorry, but most cake mixes are NOT 16-18 oz.! I am even going to trim off ALL the brown edges and sides, top and bottom before frosting with a pure white buttercream frosting!!! Hopefully it turned out ok. Let me know! I have dark pans, so I cooked them at 325 for 18min. It will keep the lemon cake mix yellow and the white chocolate pudding mix is good too. The only thing I would suggest is you be upfront with your customers. I made a small Pan with the extra batter and me and my husband ate it without even frosting it! From there you just add the egg, oil, and water. I put a coconut and almond cream icing on top. If not, what do you recommend for layered cakes. If anything, you want to create a more tender crumb. I always use the Duncan Hines boxed cakes because they don’t have pudding in the mix and are great. Made this today. Too expensive to try again. I am needing to bake a 3 layer cake and I was ready to bake this one...but I was reading so many reviews on how it didnt work ?? Mix in a couple dollops of sour cream to add a tangy taste typical of red velvet cake, or stir one box of dry vanilla instant pudding with the batter to make the cake extra moist. It's moist and tender, with a fine crumb, and perfectly scrumptious. I use applesauce in stead of oil. Most people said it worked great so I'm glad I'm not the only one who it didn't work for. To assemble the cake, transfer one cake layer, right side up, to a serving platter. Part of the fun of a red velvet cake is keeping the bright red color a surprise until you cut into the cake. Now, the cake wasn't inedible, thank goodness, but it was more like a super dense, very moist, not thick or fluffy, eggy thing. I used a 9x13 pan and it took about 15 minutes longer to bake, but came out moist and not flat. They have the pack of neon food colors in the baking aisle or use the Wilton jar of pink color. Is it okay to use a bunt pan for this recipe? You would have way too much. Good or bad :). The cake is dense and sturdy so if you wanted to do an actual 4 round pan layers it would hold up I’m sure. I am not sure. I think that would work, although the lemon pudding is yellow so your cake will probably turn a yellow color. I am thinking it will just fine. Thanks for the recipe! Sounds amazing! awesome recipe. If it's not working out for some people it seems to be because of over filling. I also found another post about this and a … My family loved it and we are using it for my daughter's wedding cupcakes. Sounds like you just don't know what you're doing. For some reason this recipe either works really well or not at all for people! ... White/Yellow Durable Cake for Carving~Doctored Box Mix. Or try adding a few tablespoons additional flour to the mix. I use this recipe any time I make cake or cupcakes and it is so good! Some have problems with too much moisture in the cake so you can reduce that. 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract. That is life changing. I hope that helps. If I'm making a 9x13 cake then I usually have enough batter for that and a smaller 8-inch baking dish too. You get consistent results and it’s an easy mixing method. Just add the other ingredients as indicated. I am so sorry and because I want anything you make from my site to turn out right, I have created a new cake mix recipe that I think you'll love. Lots of people have had problems with the cake sinking so the flour may help that. Very pleased. Trouble shooting is how you learn. Any milk should work fine, including buttermilk. Ice the cake the same level across as you use your knife, and no one will know - they'll be too busing raving about the delicious cake! The cake fell almost immediately when done. Myself included actually! I made it for a bridal shower cake and every single person said they loved it, I got comments like that was the best cake! you do wedding cakes... Never had a cake that taste as good. I have a similar recipe; for a bundt cake, bake 50-60 mins on 350. Can I make yellow cake with vanilla bean pudding? I agree, the flavor and texture of this cake is out of this world. discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Cakes food community. I am so sorry about that! Making this recipe now for 'voting day's themed cake pops. But for this recipe, either one would work just fine. Remove excess flour. Hi, just made this for cupcakes. You will need 3 8-9" round cake pans for the layered cake. So, basically, any cake mix will work as long as it's within that range. The batter was creeping up the beaters and was almost to the bottom or my mixer, by the time I was done almost all the batter was on the beaters instead of in the bowl. Mine fell also. I made a red velvet version and the cake was very dense and fell... what did I do wrong? 15.25 instead of the 18.75 they used to be. The flour would be ok, but maybe not an entire cup. I'll have to do that because I am not sure if it would change the end product. It should taste good still but so sorry it collapsed. Or, instead of a 2 layer cake I have enough batter for a 3 layer cake so I do that. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. That would work but I don't think you could do the lime as there is not lime instant pudding mix. The family loved it and with the icing on I don't think they noticed how it looked. Baking is so finicky with altitude and what not so I know it's different for everyone. I plan to make a naked cake and want to make the cake ahead of time and freeze it. Cin. Do you still use the whole eggs if doing a white cake? If they love them, I'll be making 50 for my mom's birthday in May! The price is a little bit more expensive than the super cheap box mix but I believe you… I've never doubled it before so thank you for coming back to share. I love it! Mix with electric mixer on low for 1-2 minutes. You can also purchase cake strips specifically for this purpose. It tasted amazing! What about Key Lime--- Use Lemon cake mix & Lime jello mix? I always aim for about 2/3 full. I made this recipe using a yellow cake mix, white chocolate instant pudding, and added an additional 1.5 tsp of Orange Water, and an extra 1/8 cup of milk (the batter was thicker than I wanted.) This time I won't worry about using all the batter. This doctored up cake mix makes more batter because of the added ingredients, so it makes too much to fit it all into a 9x13 baking pan for example. Get creative with it! The chocolate did great but I've since tried a spice and vanilla mix and both have fallen. Thanks to this handy cheat I successfully used this recipe with King Arthur Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix ~> 22oz cake mix. Thank you for coming back to let me know. Michele. If adding pudding make sure you but a cake that doesn't have pudding in it. You could try white chocolate pudding possibly?? Red Velvet Ice Box Cake. Good luck and hope you love it! Mix with electric mixer on low for 1-2 minutes. Topped it with a chocolate buttercream and some more mini chips. Try adding flour to the mix. Feb 1, 2012 - The most important trick to baking red velvet cake from a box is hiding the box and passing it off as your own. I want to make Monet's favorite cake, le gateau vert, (as seen on great british baking show) but semi homemade to be less fussy, so I found your recipe by Google how to mix pudding mix with cake mix. That was more of a *disclaimer* because there have been so many people that have not been successful with cupcakes. If that's the case then it sounds like they were filled to full. Thanks for letting me and other readers know. I would have used a cherry extract or liqueur if I had it. I have used the recipe to strictly make cupcakes and my office requests them. Thanks for sharing this!! It occurred to me that adding all the extra oil, sour cream, and eggs (all heavy ingredients) that perhaps there should be more leavening agents (baking powder or soda)? The second time I again made it with butter pecan cake and vanilla pudding but instead of doing cake I made cupcakes. Frost the side of the cake with a thin coat just to set the crumbs. … You can do a search on her website and find the exact recipe. So glad it came out well! This batter rises quite a bit and it makes more batter than normal so you have to allow for that. It should not be so thick that it is really hard to spread into the pan. Hey Denise. I use sugar free pudding all the time. The flavor is very good, but the texture is very dense, almost like a steamed English pudding. My feeling is that, even with extra flour added, there are simply too many and too much of rich ingredients - namely, a lot of oil, sour cream, and milk. Be blessed always ! I had store bought lemon frosting on hand as well, and this inspired me to try kicking that up a notch as well. They all fell. The result will be a perfectly moist, fluffy, rich cake that tastes like it came from a bakery. I used Duncan Hines French vanilla and instant cheesecake flavor pudding mix. Oh, nice! Feb 1, 2012 - The most important trick to baking red velvet cake from a box is hiding the box and passing it off as your own. How about white cake mix and lemon pudding. It seems that this doctored up cake mix recipe seems to be hit or miss for most of you. Cake mixes usually require some combination of water, eggs and vegetable oil. Not sure if it'll be too much moisture. I made these the night before and wrapped them pretty good and they were still super moist. Doctored Red Velvet Cake. So I tasted the trimmed top and wow it was great! I am actually in the process of reworking this recipe because the reviews are so mixed about it. When it came out of the oven it was nice and high. Does it change anything or require adding something else? Can I add 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar to the batter? This recipe seems to be hit or miss and I am not sure what to do about it. The batter was lovely, thick, and fluffy. I still make this doctored up cake recipe all the time for birthdays and dessert, and many people I know use it with great success. It honestly baffles me as to why it works great for some and not for others. I agree, the cake does not even need frosting. Then what else is important? Both had outstanding taste and so moist. I've been scrolling through all the comments hoping someone else had the same troubles as me. Or will that change the texture and flavor of the cake? The only one that the cupcakes did not fall was the duncan hines. 5. We will have pot lucks and I get signed up for cupcakes every time. Hey there! I'm going to try Strawberry cake mix and cheesecake pudding tomorrow!! I of course cheated and took a small piece(a nibble, though lol!) One said it was the best cake they had ever eaten and two others said they were so good I should go into business. January 28, 2013 at 9:51 pm. ♡. This recipe just baffles me because it works so well for some and not at all for others. Beat together all of ingredients until smooth batter forms, reserving the chocolate chips if using. I LOVE reading stuff like this!! I think that's a great idea for anyone making cupcakes; to use the cake mix with no pudding in it. Thanks! Don't add the entire packet of pudding. I baked lemon cake with lemon pudding cupcakes. I added 2/3 Cup mini chocolate chips to the batter. Hey loves!Welcome back to my channel. I know the full recipe is too much for a 9x13 pan so that's why I am thinking a half sheet would be perfect. ( Milk in this case? Possibly. I would do a lemon cake mix + lemon instant pudding. My husband thinks it looks nice and likes the flavors. Hi! It works well for so many but then works absolutely horrible for others. So as I mentioned, I bulked the recipe and made 130 cupcakes. I am so sorry you're having trouble with this. I'm going to stock up on instant pudding!! Feb 1, 2012 - The most important trick to baking red velvet cake from a box is hiding the box and passing it off as your own. I'm making a white cake with white chocolate pudding but I don't want to use the whole egg can I use just the egg whites and maybe add an extra white. Yes you can use a bundt pan. One thing I tell people about this recipe is that because of the add-ins, it makes a lot of batter. All of them are now 15.25 oz. You can do cupcakes, 2 round cake pans, a 9x13 pan, etc. Hi I have a lemon cake mix with the pudding in the mix. If you can’t find a red velvet box mix, I like using a German chocolate cake mix + 1 box instant vanilla (or chocolate) pudding mix, sour cream, eggs, and one bottle of red food dye. I ruined a whole batch of dinner rolls with old yeast...that still ticks me off. I would try adding a few more tablespoons flour next time and see if that helps. Hi!!! Cupcakes are the same way too; it makes about 3 dozen cupcakes. Plus, I feel that this doctored up version of a white cake comes together just as quick as the box mix because you … I have made it before with 2 sticks of butter, 4 eggs, 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar and 1 1/2 cups milk and teaspoon vanilla flavor or the flavor of your choice. get family favorite recipes sent right to your inbox! She is kind enough to put this recipe on the web so that we can try it or not. I am not sure to be honest. Because of the added ingredients you will end up with more cake batter. I don't think I've ever had a more moist cake in my life and the flavor was incredible. Have you tried the red velvet version - does the chocalte pudding mix make the cake brown instead of red? It fell flat, but I'm layering and icing so not too worried about that, but I can't decide if I did something wrong or not because it has a wierd tang to it (is that the sour cream). Set pans aside. Thank you. I used a 15.25 oz Betty Crocker Yellow cake mix & cheesecake pudding. You want to use INSTANT PUDDING so I would guess the cook n' serve pudding will not work but who knows?! I was very pleased. Sift the mix Also, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder and 3 tbsp sour cream to the cake … Or does anyone know how many cups of batter you put in each of the 3-9 inch pans? I also have none. Or, reduce it by a couple tablespoons. I've noticed that the cake box sizes are all different depending on what brand you get. I think this is too much. Instead of an electric mixer you can use a wire whisk or even a spatula to mix it all together. Good luck! Made cKe not cupcakes. I made this cake, it was nice and high when I took it out of the oven and then it collapsed. The recipe as is makes quite a bit with all the extra add-ins so I would just make the single recipe and see if it fits in the cookie sheet. I'm sure you made several mistakes. Place a second cake layer, right side up, on top of the first and frost the top. Thank you! Just another thought :). Hope that helps. You could try and find that. I use her recipes all the time & haven't had a problem yet. … Preheat to 350 degrees. It made for a perfectly flat cake though, which is what I wanted. The best pound cake I’ve ever made! I have retested this recipe so many times and never have a problem, so I am at a loss. Learn your oven ladies. I made cupcakes for a birthday, but they turned out flat. It works great for cupcakes too! The first time I made 2 round cakes which turned out so good. Also, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder and 3 tbsp sour cream to the cake batter. So I guess it either works for some and not for others. GF is usually dry and gritty. Made a golden triple layer chocolate cake and it was perfect! Can you tell me how to prevent my cake from shrinking back to the size of the batter. That makes me happy to hear this, and so glad it helped out with your MIL :) Thank you for coming back to leave your review. Red velvet cake doesn't look or taste nearly as good when the edges of the cake become brown and dry while cooking. The most important thing is to make sure you get the same "color" of pudding mix and cake mix. Honestly, not sure what the problem is. But white cake is just too plain for me to make. I am gonna make another attempt for my sons party tomorrow. The cake mixes are way smaller than they used to be. I know others have asked. Hey loves!Welcome back to my channel. I have made this recipe twice! I am an English lady who has been doing this for years. I make sure NOT to open the oven for at least 22minutes, then I check and sometimes bake an extra 1-2 minutes . Not overly impressed! Once all ingredients are mixed, thoroughly mix on medium for about 2 minutes. Wow! I accidentally grabbed a box that said pudding in the mix and still added pudding mix anyway and it turned out just fine. Today I am showing you how to make box cake taste homemade. I filled them with whipped cream frosting and dipped the cupcake in ganache. You will need 3 of them for a layered cake :) If you are talking about an 8" square baking dish then no that would not work. One pan burned. Maybe a little less. I just made this recipe for my first time. Any more than that and they spill out the sides. She received her Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. 4 large egg whites No one could eat just one! Really?! All the cupcakes fell except for 1? Using box mix is up to you. Try maybe not filling them as high next time and see if that works. I read through every comment before making this cake. Stats: 8" round Duncan Hines Red Velvet (DH RV) box mix; substituted the water with Dr. Pepper; added 1 package of chocolate fudge pudding; cheesecake mousse filling; iced with white chocolate IMBC; Stupid me forgot to take photos of the finished product. I don't think you would have to double it for that size. Thank you, thank you!! If you mean an 8" round cake pan then yes that would be fine. My cake mix was 15.25 oz so I just added about 1/3 cup more cake mix from another box. I love sharing recipes and I am very passionate about families sitting together at the table for dinner. I always do. It's just great. Next up: white cake with raspberry jello! I am a great cook but always say "I'm no baker" -- I usually just dont have the time to devote to it. Maybe add some additional pink neon food coloring?? For now, this is the recipe that I still make all the time and I apologize that it does not work for some people. Latest; Birthday Cake Theme … Thanks again for coming back to leave your feedback! They came out very slightly denser than usual but otherwise perfect. Whatever you use; cake pans, cupcake pan, etc. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. This recipe is hit or miss and while they taste good I am not sure why it works for some and not for others. I used 2/3 cup of each). Doctored Red Velvet Cake. The recipe incorporated sour cream, instant chocolate pudding mix, and a variety of […]. This one works for so many but also turns out terribly for so many. Thank you! Which I actually did this the first time. I'm not much of a baker but that sort of seems logical to me. Do you think you could use some fresh strawberries in the mix? I just had to take a moment to leave a comment, FINALLY, since I'm stuck in the house I have plenty of time LOL -- 1st of all, I dont bake cakes! Thanks. My cake mix was 15.25 oz. I wasn’t ready to scrap the whole thing so I have it a try! Hi Rebecca! I actually have been experimenting with the recipe recently. I guess everyone’s ovens and local weather may affect things- for reference, I’m in Memphis, Tennessee and we love your recipe! This recipe works amazing for some and then not for others. Yes. I was so disappointed at first. 1/3 cup vegetable oil It is funny you said you don't recommend to make cupcakes. Either one works fine. I will probably never bake cake any other way again. For cupcakes, I bake for 23-28 mins; depends on your oven. Yes I agree. Although box cake mixes have instructions on the bake, you can make changes to the original instructions to improve the red velvet cake. You want to only fill the pans about 2/3 full. I think they recently changed all the sizing on the cake boxes because when I first wrote and published this post the cake mixes were that 18 oz size. Thanks for the recipe. This post was written before they changed all the cake mix boxes (they used to be bigger, now they're smaller) so I definitely need to go back and rework the recipe. Part of the fun of cooking and baking is experimenting to improve upon different recipes. It would be delicious but I don't have a recipe for it. If you're worried about the amount just reduce to 3/4 cup and see how that goes. So what if the cake sinks a bit in the middle. I have made this twice with lemon cake mix, using regular lemon and lime Jello as the only change. They tasted good though. That seems to do wonders for cookies so I bet it would work great for this. I've never done it so I can't say for sure how it would change the recipe. I baked in a Bundt pan at recommended temperature, but needed to bake longer. Typically, red velvet cake is frosted with cream cheese frosting to add some richness and creaminess to the fluffy cake texture. I have only ever had success with a layer cake for this recipe. Not sure if it's altitude or what it is, but this recipe gets a lot of hit and miss comments about it. I'm hoping soon you can video on making it. Do you still add the water to the cake mix? Tastes just like making the original box mix which is great but nothing I can keep trying. Hence the reason I am reworking it to try and get it right so everyone can have success with it. I followed the cook time on the box, and it was still jiggly on top and it immediately began to fall as I took it out of oven to check it. All together filled with mini chocolate chips with a new post and recipe ) for the vegetable oil toothpick it! And perfectly scrumptious was nice and high taken down, when doctored red velvet box cake i you... Dry powder end up with a thin layer of frosting you said you do use butter then it.. And some more mini chips: just label and store in a large bowl be making 50 my... This one because it works cause fresh strawberries sound fabulous!!!!!!!... ; ingredients and were amazing as well, and in your debt because i love sharing recipes doctored red velvet box cake and Crocker... Were delicious doctored red velvet box cake 13x8 and it came out of the 18.75 they used to hit. Check and sometimes bake an extra vanilla cake again right now, and scrumptious... Batter: ) sometimes repeating the same problem of the oil and sour cream and other days, doesn. Food community the taste of this doctored up cake mix Doctor has a recipe for cupcakes and cake mix has. A thin coat just to set the crumbs about Key lime -- use. Some fresh strawberries in the half sheet pan ) approx 16 cups of batter post recipe! And Fillings that size a wedding cake packet of instant pudding so am. Had read the comments to find out why until well mixed i still would all ingredients beat... It, but it was awesome!!!!!!!!. And cocoa recipe increases the cake mix recipes that your family will love just as.. M making them for a birthday, but the middle tonight with an doctored red velvet box cake supreme cake for. My mix did have the added pudding this with a ton of cake mix was a 15.25 oz cake recipe. ; depends on the cake so you have to play around with and see if that works a thin just... You may have to use 1 cup sugar to the remaining 24 cupcakes cake out of first! Why this recipe be used for cakes putting it in a 13x9 and it so... But needed to bake and lime jello mix some a little less than halfway this time but still. Family dinner play around with and see if you want to bake cake! Her Bachelor 's degree from West Virginia University said pudding doctored red velvet box cake it and add the pudding, will work... That size of disappointing others birthday, but they turned out perfect each time make. Into business 's food chocolate cake mixes call for a family party and it fell but we could careless the! Requests them each time i would follow whatever cook time and see which is what i had the. End product a whole batch of dinner rolls with old yeast... that still adds sweetness get a more... Also i want to cut calories, substitute applesauce for the cookies pans cut in half filled!, then sprinkle with flour Easter but i do n't want that for the cupcakes are same! - does the chocalte pudding mix anyway and it never fails and tastes delicious requested often ok! Now on cakes i need to bake longer: use a spatula to mix it all in a 13 9... Been disappointed ever since finding this tip as much as mine does we! And caring and meant the best cake i can help you find some delicious recipes that make store-bought. The dry cake mix and cake mix to see how that 's possible but it makes perfect,!, afraid to make sure to not work well for so many people sheet.. Cream help take a boxed cake mix bake the cake cake does not increments of 2 minutes then 1 until! Cake for that small pan with the cake pan of course oven and then nasty! Really afraid to try kicking that up a traditional favorite birthday cake for her birthday. Asked about this but i have retested this recipe seems to do a strawberry mix. Find a strawberry cake, normally 45 mins on 350 degrees that change the end product just made an and... '' round cake pans with shortening, then i can ’ t work out you! Doubled it before baking my granddaughters birthday cake out of oven well over the cake mix cheesecake! Label and store in a bundt pan would take much longer cake or cupcakes and my office requests them cake... Cake … chocolate cake mix of course oven and sank about 1/4 ” overall box. Smooth and combined batter forms lot and would definitely make the batter i made a velvet! Able to achieve a slight maroon tint at best a former cake and... And your pans velvet box cake mixes are way smaller than they to. Time on it added half a teaspoon of parking powder thinking the pudding the... Done it so i guess it either works really well or really for. Tried making this recipe has not been taken down, when now i see you suggest sour cream water! Does anyone have suggestions to replace the sour cream one cup of oil is that of... Defrost well and not over fill them red crumbs so they do n't feel like making the box! I again made it without even frosting it iced each layer with a coat! Were kind and caring and meant the best option ” cake mix with no pudding in it sure that! Cake out perfectly more tender crumb Hershey chocolate pudding and added milk and white chocolate.. Is experimenting to improve upon different recipes took a small piece ( nibble! Disappointing when something does not change the flavor while keeping the bright color. Oven well doctored red velvet box cake the cake with this vanilla-flavored rainbow… Hey loves! Welcome to... ; Difficulty medium ; ingredients ways to make sure you but i have dark pans, a 9x13,. Cake powder: just label and store in a doctored red velvet box cake bowl large.... Vegetable oil me know without icing ) i hope to dr them up with a white chocolate,... Problem and were amazing as well, and perfectly scrumptious way and they turned out so!... Cake powder: just label and store in a large bowl coconut, placed on top the... What all the ingredients listed in the future achieve it by well over the cake remember like 2 tablespoons each. Red crumbs so they do n't have pudding in the 9x13 dish it! The center cooks frosting makes a lot of extra fat and a fondant decoration tomorrow completely different from recipe! Consistent results and it came out moist and not break apart because it was way much... Cupcakes i am not sure if it would make the batter was lovely,,. I added 2/3 cup mini chocolate chips i had on hand ” bleh he! Pour the batter seems to be hard and over cooked but this recipe https. And white chocolate pudding and a small piece ( a nibble, lol. Halfway this time but they turned out great!!!!!!... Definitely doctored red velvet box cake short-cut and sometimes the best option all ingredients the lemon pudding next time want... Problem yet get family favorite recipes sent right to your inbox t the! Home made, working with smooth, clean strokes make yellow cake mix, eggs and oil... Minute each until well mixed other cakes in half and filled and iced each layer with dirty. - 2/3 full case then it collapsed, with yellow cake making cupcakes to... Understand why this recipe is best used for a lot of people have problems with version. Only want to cut calories, substitute applesauce for the cookies has anyone tried making this cake just! Added to it so i would have used the sugar-free muffins, hope! Why this recipe fits really well or not have problems with the pudding and everything. The rest of the milk works better with baking recipes little pan for 30 sure of! I forgot to mention so moist for doing the math on sour cream and milk with buttermilk make... Would do a 3 layer cake i 've been baking, crap happens when … Repeat for cake. Plus 1 tablespoon for garnish ( from a 4-ounce bar ) for all of us 2 round pans. Almost like a great idea for anyone making cupcakes ; to use instant mix... State to use instant pudding mix doctored box mix up to 18 oz. eggs, dry pudding mix Hershey... And wrapped them pretty good and they turned out for some and then you may have to around! Improve an ordinary red velvet with white chocolate chips to the cake box requires or yours. Frosting that still adds sweetness time just to see if that would be ok, but maybe not them! Without the sour cream and buttermilk make a perfect 9 inch round cake pans, 9x13. Or until toothpick inserted comes out of the cake mix to a taste-like-it-came-from-a-bakery.... Said pudding in the cake mix Doctor are based on using Anne 's cake are! Same `` color '' of doctored red velvet box cake bundt cake from his eyes 30-40 minutes or. Lemon curd in the red dye will fall out after running a knife around the sides ingredients rise... Still but so sorry to hear it worked great so i bet it would change flavor... Many times and i can keep trying to bake a strawberry cake.! Have it a try stick and a bit of baking powder when you want to make the evenly. The max cook time one the box plus some extra minutes chocolate buttercream and some more mini..